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More than Fifty years of sales experience over 50countries in the world, AION PLAS CHAMOIS ( The former brand name was "KANEBO PLAS CHAMOIS")

has already world-widely known as the top brand of cleaning tool


Stabilityof high quality such as unparalleled water-absorbing property, very smooth, sliding without lint, durability and long-life, maked it a long running best selling item all over the world.












Not only wiping off water drops after car wash, AION PLAS CHAMOIS is useful wiping water residue, dust and dirt around sink, washing room, and bath room. Well absorb instantly, spilt drinks and liquid on carpet and floor.

Best for wiping your pets after washing also. Dry faster and easy to clean attached hairs.


THREE-LAYER construction of AION PLAS CHAMOIS enables outstanding structural durability to resist against repeated use and helps quick water absorbing after car wash, even superior resistance to oil or gasoline.


Life of AION PLAS CHAMOIS is more than a few ten times longer, and water absorbing effects does not change through its life. Easy to squeeze water and keeps clean for storage.