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Special feature:
2. build in DSP
3. voice comment
4. Support USB DVR
5. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

-Display: RGB LED Button Illumination
-LCD: Deckless 2.5D Capacitive Screen
-Video: Support 1080p Video Playback
-Picture: Support PIP Picture in Picture
-Radio: PII Tuner with AM/FM Radio
-AV IN: Rear RCA AV in
-Line Output: 2 RCA Audio x 1 Video Output
-Equalizer: 14 Band Parametric EQ
-User: Touch-Screen Control with Dynamic Graphic User Interface
-GPS: Built-In
-Wifi: Wifi Support
-Steering Wheel Control: 3 Wire
-Max Power: 4 Channels x 50W Max Power
-RCA out : 8 RCA out ( high, mid, low, sub )/(front, rear, sub, center )