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Aquabeads - the original since 2004! Aquabeads will be three-dimensional with the new 3D craft sets. With the 3D craft set "Carousel" can be decorated with the colourful craft beads a wonderful carousel. The beads are placed on the craft board on the innovative flip tray and sprayed with water. After folding the flip tray, the finished creations can dry on an extra plate, while the craft board is already free to make further creations. Once all the parts are complete, they are attached to the carousel and the horses by clicking on. And everything is beautifully decorated and decorated with aquabeads. The Aquabeads 3D carousel craft set includes over 1,000 colourful craft beads, a pearl box with the innovative flip tray system, a carousel, horses, a sprayer and the craft templates. In addition, there are bonus templates for further decoration possibilities of the carousel.

Over 1,100 colourful craft beads
Uninterrupted craft fun with the innovative flip tray system
Includes bead palette, flip tray, sprayer, carousel with horses to decorate, 2 motif templates and bonus motif templates.
Suitable for children over 4 years old
Ideal for beginners in crafts