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Aquabeads is the original water-activated bead craft product. Made from the highest quality materials, Aquabeads are fun and safe for the entire family. Create your favorite Dory characters with the Finding Dory Easy Tray Set. Select a design template, and use character shaped easy tray to create your design. When done, spray with water and the beads will magically stick together. This set contains classic and jewel beads in 11 colors, 4 character shaped easy trays, sprayer, layout tray, 2 design templates and instructions. Creating Aquabeads is easy - it's as simple as make, spray and they stay! Hints & Tips * When beads do not stick properly, spray some more water on the back of the design and leave to dry. * When the back of a bead design is not glossy, spray some more water on the back and leave to dry. * If your bead design starts to bend, place the design under a heavy magazine or book. * If bead design breaks, reassemble and spray with water.