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Water resistant up to 50m
Footwear Mode Tracks Running Posture
Infrared sensor detects when it is being worn
Up to 33' wireless range via Bluetooth
Displays incoming call and text notifications
Tracks 7 Running Posture Data Points
Wrist Mode Activity Tracking
Tracks Steps, Distance, Calories & More

1x Huawei Smart Band 3e
1x Wristband
1x Charging Cradle
1x Shoe Buckle
1x Buku Manual

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Huawei Band 3e features two modes of use: a wrist mode and a shoe mode, and it can automatically switch between the two. On your wrist, the Band 3e acts like many activity trackers, keeping track of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. Switch to shoe mode, and the Band 3e will use seven data points to help you become a smarter runner. In either mode, the Band 3e can be used out in the elements thanks to water resistance up to 30m, and when paired with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, it can display incoming calls and message notifications on the 0.5" PMOLED display.

Footwear Mode / Running Posture
When you put the Band 3e into footwear mode, you can use it to gain insight into how you physically run. Afterwards, you can analyze the data to improve your running posture in the future. Changing the Band 3e into footwear mode happens automatically when you attach it to your shoe with the included cradle. Just place the cradle within your shoelaces so it's secure, pop the tracker out of the wrist band, and then snap it into the cradle. Once it's in place, it will start tracking these seven data points as you run:

Step Length
Swing Angle
Eversion Excursion (turning or rotating the foot outward)
Landing Impact
Foot Strike Placement
Ground Contact Time

In footwear mode, the built-in 6-axis gyroscope can also provide stationary running data when using treadmills. The sensor has been engineered to deliver up to 97% accurate results.