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[Exclusive Bundling] Fix & Set Lip Primer + Metallized Lip Stain

Isi paket:
- 1 pcs Fix & Set Lip Primer
- 1 pcs Metallized Lip Stain

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Fix & Set Lip Primer
Provides moisture and hydration to your lips all day long. Infused with Vitamin E and Anti-oxidant, our superstar product will fulfill its duty to cover your lip lines, smoothes and refines the lips and to avoid feathering when you wear any kind of lipsticks or lip liquids. The one thing you need to know that our Fix & Set primer also enhances and protects your lip colors all day long!

Metallized Lip Stain
Make your lip seen like a million dollar with our Metallized Lip Stain. Good staying power, light on lips and dazzling. Fully loaded with Vitamin E and UV Protection to keep your lips healthy.