elevenia: Situs Belanja Online Terlengkap - yang kamu cari, ada
R3 / Asia / CN

Its a expansion pretty much of the 1st game. It retains all the mode of the old game - except for the other type of story mode. The story mode is pretty much arcade mode with the curiosity of how characters react to each other.Scores are still online leaderboard based on the survival/arcade/time attack still.2 new backgrounds addedabout 4 new assist characters4 new characters from the start- no need to unlockSilveria and Akira is playable from the start.A new ignition mechanic which I wish I knew what it does - but hard to tell from just a few hours of play time on it.1 dlc character later on, free for the limited time - only if you have jpn psn account.Game is still fun and frantic. Very fun and way more balanced then the broken marvel vs capcom 2 n 3 series. New characters are very diverse in play styles. Found one to balanced, another to be good at range, one a heavy rush down and a teleport type character. If you love the dying art of 2d... buy this fighter. Its pretty good and relies on great fundamentals above all else. Hope they keep going with this series. Please add more fighters and less assist characters.