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Original import from Erawadee Thailand, serum wajah dan muka Erawadee Beetox lifting cream. Detail tertera jelas di gambar ya. Harga grosir min.order 2 pcs.

The lifting cream with Botox effect contains bee venom and the poison of the viper, stimulates the production of collagen and actively combats wrinkles (an alternative to botulinum toxin-botox injection).

How It Works :
Eliminates wrinkles in the eye area, Reduces the depth of wrinkles in the forehead by 52% in 28 days, Smoothes mimic folds in the mouth area, Prevents the formation of new wrinkles and reduces the number of existing, Promotes self-immunity of the skin.

Directions :
It is used 2 times a day in the morning and before bedtime. Apply to clean, dry face skin.

Ingredients :
- Bee venom.
- Vitamin A.
- Vitamin C.
- Vitamin E