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(Battery will not be included in the package)

* Dital Timer Remote is an intervalometer desned for precise control over time lapse exposures.
* It allows you to set the self timer, exposure length, frequency, and picture count, from the palm of your hand It also allows continuous shooting or bulb exposures.
* Time can be preset from 1 second up to 99 hours.
* The LCD panel is backlit for nht time shooting convenience.

 Prevent vibration
This remote cord can prevent vibration during long exposures, close-ups or continuous shooting.

 Halfway pressed button
The shutter release button of this remote cord can be pressed halfway for auto-focus and exposure metering

 Shutter release button lock
A shutter release button lock is available which for long exposures shooting and continuous shooting
Available for :
FUJIFILM X-A1  X-A2  X-A3  X-M1  X-A10  X-A20
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