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Batman: Arkham VR is an action-adventure gamecitation needed viewed from the first-person perspective using PlayStation VR, HTC Vive,citation needed or Oculus Riftcitation needed virtual reality headsets and associated controllers to see through the eyes of the playable character, Batman. The player can look around the environment freely and interact with reachable items, and access three gadgets from Batman's utility belt: the throwable batarang, the grapnel gun—a grappling hook, and the forensic scanner, which can be used to examine evidence and recreate crime scenes. The player is able to teleport to preset locations around the current environment (with movement sometimes represented by use of the grapnel gun) but the character cannot walk freely.

Unlike previous Arkham games, Arkham VR features no combat and instead focuses on solving puzzles to find clues that will advance the mystery. Arkham VR features optional tasks, including 30 challenges from the supervillain Riddler who adds various puzzles and concealed items to locate after the game has been completed, target practice with the batarang, and viewing profiles and models for the series' various characters on the Batcomputer.

NOTE : walaupun pada deskripsi di cantumkan pengiriman dalan 7 hari namun akan tetap kami kirim pada rules biasa, pengiriman 7 hari hanya untuk memperpanjang masa garansi karena terkadang sistem eror saat memasukan no resi. untuk perhatian pembeli kami ucapkan terima kasih.