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Charge Devices Anywhere

SKU GOLD : S117007

SNIPER POWERBOOM TRAVEL ADAPTER 33W PD+QC in The universal adapter allows devices from all around the globe to be safely charged.

Specifications : 

AC Input:100-240V,50-60Hz 800mA
USB-A : 5V-3A Max
Type-C :5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A
(Compatible with PD and QC3.0)
Fuse Rating : 8A Max
Max Power : 880W at 110Vac
1840W at 230Vac
Size: 52*52*7.3mm

Travel Adapter,Satisfies The Need
Bringing one Charger Adapter plug means you are handy for travel with both the electric receptacle, two USB receptacles and one type-C charging port as well. A variety of plugs for different Countries-Compact size and quite convenient to provide the easy way for you traveling the world. 
SNIPER POWERBOOM TRAVEL ADAPTER 33W QC+PD is The Universal plug adapter with strong compatibility and can charge for many devices. Such as: Smartphone, IPAD, Bluetooth headphone and Digital camera and so on.
Two USB charging port-Smart fast charging, dont need plug and can charge for Multiple devices at the same time.
One type-C charging port-suitable for charging and powering USB Type-C and male to male enabled devices, as well as syncing data, photos and music, with fast transfer speed.

US type:For USA, Canada, Taiwan, Columbia, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.
EU type:For Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Austria, Brazil, Egypt, etc.
UK type:For UK, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, Maldives, Tanzania, etc
AUS type:For China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, etc. Operations: 
Open the plug: Press the unlock button and push one of the plug lock up simultaneously.
Close the plug: Press the unlock button and push the plug lock back simultaneously.
The rest plugs are the same ways to operate. 

Attention :
The Total maximum output of charger are 33W, Type-C port is 18W and the maximum of 2 USB port are 15W shared between the 2 USB Ports.