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Kamus Slang Amerika for Daily American English Conversations

ISBN: 978-979-29-7044-9
Penulis: Tan Siok Tien
Ukuran⁄Halaman: 14x19 cm² ⁄ viii+648 halaman
Edisi⁄Cetakan: I, 1st Published
Tahun Terbit: 2018
Berat: 656 gram

What is slang?
Slang is informal language. It can offend people if it is used about other people or outside a group of people who know each other well. Slang is usually used in speaking rather than writing. 
Slang normally refers to particular words and meanings but can include longer expressions and idioms. 
Slang is also vocabulary that is used between people who belong to the same social group who have relationship.

Slang is Words, phrases, meanings of words, etc commonly used in talk among friends or colleagues. “Slangâ€Â adalah kata-kata atau ungkapan yang digunakan di antara teman-teman atau kenalan-kenalan