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Ricoh Theta 5 / Ricoh V / Ricoh THETA 5 GARANSI RESMI

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Features :
Capture Immersive 360 Content & Audio
360 4K Videos and 12MP Photos
360 Live Streaming in 4K
Built-In 4-Channel Microphone
Dual 12MP Sensors and Twin-Lens System
19GB of Internal Memory
THETA iOS/Android App
Minimal Stitching Artifacts
3D Mic & Underwater Housing Supported

Building on the success of previous THETA models, the Ricoh THETA V is designed to provide you with an immersive 360 video and audio experience in a small form factor. Record with the camera pointing in one direction, and in the end, see and hear from all directions.
The THETA V features two 12MP sensors and a twin-lens optical system that captures two wide-angle images and automatically stitches them into one complete spherical image. It allows you to capture comprehensive 360 4K videos and 12MP photos, as well as live stream 360 footage in 4K. Additionally, a built-in 4-channel microphone captures high-quality audio from four directions and with seamless transitions between the channels. Moreover, an optional designated 3D microphone (TA-1) is supported that allows you to add 3D 360 spatial audio to your 360 video content.
The THETA V records to approximately 19GB of internal memory. Once you've recorded your video, simply pull up the included THETA iOS/Android app on your smartphone or tablet, and with the swipe of your finger rotate the 360 image in any direction to see it from different angles. See what you missed while you were there. The THETA app also lets you preview your shots before you shoot, live stream to platforms such as YouTube Live, and perform a variety of other functions.


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