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product description:
1. Super high speed USB3.0 7 port HUB, each interface transmission speed can reach 5Gb/s;
2, 7 port HUB each interface with 1 independent switch, energy saving and environmental protection;
3, 7 port HUB each interface with power supply Indicator light, more convenient to use;
4, with 60CM long USB3.0 data cable, easy to carry and easy to use;
5, with a USB smart charging port, built-in 2A / 1A automatic adjustment chip, can be intelligently controlled according to the needs of mobile phones and other equipment Large/small current supply;
6. Retain external power supply interface. When using large-function USB device, you can connect external power supply at any time to increase power supply.

- 7 port usb3.0 interface with a smart charging port
- The design is generous, the interface layout is reasonable, and it does not interfere with each other.
- Special design of each USB port LED indicator, control the working status of each USB device
- USB3.0 interface supports hot plug, plug and play; easy to use, easy to carry
- Support overload voltage and instantaneous current protection function to effectively protect connected devices and HUB itself
- Compliant with USB 3.0 specification, support high-speed 5Gbps bandwidth transmission, and backward compatible with USB2.0/USB1.1
- Plug n play with USB support

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