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August Gluta Body Cream lotion

It not only helps to have the lighten skin, but also help to reduce the scars on the body by the rich ingredients. Also, it's not too expensive one.

Helps to repair the skin, makes the skin looks smooth, and reduce the irritation.

It combines of Vitamin B3 that help to keep the skin looks delighted and it likes the guard of the skin. 

It consists of Glutathione which is the most imprtant Amino Acid. It helps to resist free radical and restrain the Melanin which is the reason that acne occur.

The Stay C is the Vitamin that restrain bacteria, oil control, dark spots and create the new skin cell.

Whitch Hazel makes the skin looks strengthen, protects the skin from pollution, buit Collagen, firms the skin, and heal the skin.

Aloe vera helps to nurture the skin, and reduce the inflammation of skin.

Coenyme Q10 helps to create skin cell, and helps to protect the cell from free radical process.

August Gluta Berry Body Cream

Full of ingredient especially for people who want to have a lighten skin. 
Rich texture but not glutinous.
Protect and nurture the skin.
Help to have a natural lighten skin and safe for every type of skin.
It's not BB, but it makes the skin looks lighten. 
Help to reduce wound and blemish.

netto / 50 g.

The number of food and drug administation is 10-1-5968769