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Fidget Spinner METAL DIAMOND Heart of The Sea (Minimal 2 Menit)

1. Unique design of heart of sea diamond style, fashionable outlook
2. Ideal gift for kids and friends
3. Compact size with cool packing style, easy to be carried
4. Streamline design made from ABS and metal, durable in use
5. Stainless bearings inside, enabling great rotation hardness
6. Great for reducing anxiety, staying awake , having fun and tapping potential
7. High speed with small friction, supporting last spinning time
8. 360 degree spinner, can be played in many ways, with one hand, two hands or on the desk

Kind Reminder:
It’s suitable for kids above 7 years old. To guarantee safety and great enjoyment, kids shall be under the guidance of parents when playing this gadget.

Model: ALCG20
Black with Blue Diamond,
Black with Red Diamonf
Material: Metal + Glass
Average Spinning Time: 3 minutes
Features: durable material, streamline design, good balance, smooth spinning power
Product Weight: 100g

Fidget Spinner berfungsi sebagai benda untuk menghilangkan kebiasaan buruk fidgeting seperti menggigit kuku, memainkan tutup pulpen, juga berfungsi untuk mengurangi stress dan grogi.

Sangat cocok digunakan oleh penderita ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) dan ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Manfaat :
1. Menghilangkan stress
2. Melatih fokus
3. Time killer
4. Menghilangkan kebiasaan buruk tangan
5. Mengurangi rasa grogi