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Casio MJ-120D Check & Recheck Kalkulator
Garansi Resmi Casio 1 Tahun
General Data:
* 12 Digits EXTRA BIG LC-Display
* Two Way Power
* Dimensions (H x W x L) : 28,6 x 126,5 x 148 mm
* 300 Steps Check
* Localized Number Display
* Weight: ca. 140 g
* Battery: 1x LR44

Review & Auto Review
Go To Function
Correct Key
GT Memory
3 Key Memory
Key for changing Plus/Minus Sign
3 Local Digit Separator Formats (Standard, European, Indian)
Double and Triple Zero Key
Percentage Calculation
Back Space Key
Mark Up
Rounding selector (0,1,2,3,4,ADD2)
Automatic rounding-off F, CUT, UP, 5/4
Square Root