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Mesin Hitung Uang SECURE LD-26M
Deskripsi :
Mesin Hitung Uang SECURE LD-26M sudah dilengkapi Sinar UV (Ultra Violet) dan MG (Magnetic) Sensor untuk mendeteksi uang palsu. Selain mendeteksi uang palsu juga, Mesin Hitung Uang ini juga bisa untuk menghitung mata uang selain rupiah seperti Dolar, Euro, Poundsterling, Yen, Real, dll.

Deskripsi :
* Automatic detecting with UV and MG while counting
* With front big LCD screen display
* Automatic starting, stopping and clearing
* With batching, adding and slf-examination functions
* Double-notes detecting
* Automatic half-note detection
* Suitable for all acurrencies in the world
* External display

Spesifikasi :
* Counting Speed : 1.000 pcs/min
* Size of Countable Note : 50mm x 110mm/90mm x 180 mm
* Dimension : 327mm x 246mm x 198mm
* Power Consumption : 70 watt
* Net Weight : 5,3 kg
* Hopper Capacity : 300 pcs
* Stacker Capacity : 200 pcs