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Battery operated car
High grade toy set
Funny actions, flashing lights, electronic sound
Two doors & back side open and glass wiper is moving when it is running
There is also a mini car on the back side of car
Power supply switches and bump up & go action system
Use 4 AA size batteries (not included)
Batteries are to be inserted with correct polarity
Non-rechargeable & Rechargeable both kind of batteries can be used
Only the same quality batteries or equivalent type as recommended are to be used
Available for 3+ ages children
Specifications, colors and contents may vary from illustration

Box Size: 29x15x11 cm

Made in China

Standar pengiriman kami sudah menggunakan Bubblewrapping (anti Benturan) + Blackwrapping (tahan air) untuk packing yang aman dan nyaman sampai ditujuan menggunakan JNE, Pos Express, kecuali Gosend (Blackwrap only)

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