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Etude Zero Sebum Drying Powder
- Made of mineral powder (80%) to dry oily and waxy sebum breakouts and below the surface efficiently.

Function :
1. Sebum control powder contained to remove unnecessary excess sebum efficiently.
2. 80% of Mineral Powder - soft, elastic, and in various shapes, contained to deliver clear and natural luminosity on face.
3. Wide micro superfine fiber puff helps powder applied clearly without smudge.
4. No talc, mineral oil, animal ingredient, artificial pigment, or aritificial scent to care skin softly.

More to know
3-Step Sebum Control to deliver cushiony and non-greasy skin:

1. Sugar polymer from plankton removes excess sebum on skin clearly to keep skin cushiony and soft.
2. Cotton extract protect skin from the impact of stress from excess sebum and sebum breakouts.
3. Patent sebum control mix contained: fermented bean, willow, cinnamon, oregano, pine, portulaca oleracea, and gold to care sebum troubles.

How to apply
After applying skincare or makeup, lightly dab onto sebum concentrated areas.

1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high/low temperatures or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Stop using if it causes any allergic reaction or any problems arising.

size 6gr