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Manfaat : 

Membuang kotoran yang berbahaya (toksin) melalui saluran pencernaan selama 2-4jam,Menagatasi masalah Pencernaan, Meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh

Komposisi :



36butir buah plum,28butir buah blueberries,15butir buah blackberries ( Dark Plu,Grace Plum,Blueberries,Blackberry,Roselle Fruit,Citric Acid,Sorbitol)



Do you suffer from: 
  1. Poor digestion, stomach bloating
  2. Fatigue, low energy levels, sickly body
  3. Poor complexion, blemishes, skin allergies
  4. Bad breath, body odor
  5. Headache, migraine
Do you have: 
  1. A busy, stressful life
  2. Irregular meals and eating processed food
  3. Constant exposure to the polluted environment (air, water)

In just six days, Kinohimitsu D’tox Juice leaves you feeling renewed, refreshed and revitalized. The six day program is a smart way to flush out toxins from your bow-el within 2-4 hours, without disrupting your daily life. This 100% natural juice is the fastest and the most effective drink in the market.

D’tox Juice contains no additives that provides high concentrations of dietary fiber which increases the beneficial cultures in the digestive tract and helps fortify the body’s defences.

Benefits :

Kinohimitsu D’tox Juice will constantly promote peristalsis of colon, improve irregular bow-els while softening and unplugging mucoid plague. 
Though it is not meant for slimming, many have experienced a flatter tummy and weight loss while cleansing.

Did you know? Although you may have a regular bow-el movement on a daily basis, chances are your colon and intestines are still coasted with some old, gluey, hardened waste (faeces) which are referred to as “mucoid plaque”. The average individual carried between 7 to 25 pounds of mucoid plaque which can contribute to innumerable health problems including being overweight, skin blemishes, poor nutrition, low immunity, bloating, flatulence and bad breath.

The goodness of the drink is easily absorbed by the body. It replenishes hydration and moistens the colon and its hard faeces in just minutes! It also induces bow-el motion within 2-4 hours, promotes peristalsis of colon and improves irregular bow-el movement while softening and unplugging mucoid plague. Kinohimitsu D’tox Juice is a product with genuine, proven results that is superior to others.

How to use :

Take one bottle a day, consecutively for six days. There is no special diet required to accompany the consumption of J’pan D’tox Juice. For maintenance, we encourage the consumption of 1-3 bottles of Kinohimitsu D’tox Juice each week.

Ingredients for Plum Flavour: 

Dark Plum Fruit Juice, Purified Water, Sorbitol, Roselle Fruit Juice, Blueberry Concentrate, Mannitol, Blackberry Concentrate, Glace Plum Fruit Juice, Citric Acid.

Ingredients for Cranberry Flavour: 

Dark Plum Fruit Juice, Purified Water, Sorbitol, Roselle Fruit Juice, Blueberry Concentrate, Mannitol, Blackberry Concentrate, Cranberry Juice, Glace Plum Fruit Juice, Citric Acid.